History of Appleton Services, Inc.



The Company began in 1994 as an idea for extra income, just after Ronald Appleton had been promoted through his employment with another Janitorial Service to Supervisor over more than 10 employees.


The Company operated doing business as My House Maid, servicing residential homes only to eliminate conflicts of interest as a full time employee of a Cleaning Service in commercial cleaning.


In 1995 Ronald was promoted to Assistant District Manager, over operations, managing more than 30 employees. This promotion pulled Ronald away from routine cleaning to ‘fill in only’ during emergency situations. The Vice President of Operations for a pharmaceutical distributor, expressed that replacing Ronald’s standard of cleaning with other workers was not meeting the standard of cleaning they had become accustomed to. The pharmaceutical made a request to bring Ronald back to the account, but it was denied. The pharmacy dismissed Ronald’s employer as there cleaning service and offered the job to Ronald as an independent contract worker. It was at that time, and with the blessings of the Cleaning Service Owner, that the birth of routine commercial cleaning began with Ronald Appleton dba My House Maid.


In 1996 the Company name changed to Ronald H. Appleton Company to expand services. Several other accounts were acquired; a Law Firm, Realty Company, and a Preschool/Academy with 8 locations (heavy work cleaning) throughout the city. None of the new accounts were in conflict with Ronalds’ regular full time job, so he still maintained his position with the Company, received honors and recognition for his customer care and positive working abilities.


In 1998 Ronald’s position and employment with the Cleaning Service ended after a new owner took command and brought in his staff to take charge. Ronald H. Appleton Company began to fully operate as an independent contract cleaning service employing himself and 2 other part time workers.


In year 2000, Ronald H. Appleton Company gained several new accounts, employed additional people to service those accounts, and acquired a new name dba The Appleton Company Cleaning Service, employing more than 15 employees for routine and heavy cleaning combined.


In year 2008, we have taken on new challenges once again with a new name to reflect becoming incorporated as Appleton Services, Inc. operating more efficiently, and diversified in other area to produce financial growth. We are committed to total customer satisfaction as we offer services above ‘acceptable’ in meeting the requirements of our clients. We believe our quality of care to be exceptional to standard requirement. We desire the opportunity to continually take on greater challenges of growth and service to the community and our prospective clients.


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